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Oceans Prone Paddle is the Premier Prone Paddle site for beginners and advanced paddlers. We are the only company that rents prone paddleboards of all lengths to the public.

Our mission at Oceans Prone is to grow the amazing sport of prone paddling by making paddleboards accessible at reasonable rates to encourage people into the sport. We provide coaching for those who are new to the sport and training for those preparing for the race season.

We are excited to introduce a series of paddle board races that are meant to encourage those new to the sport to try racing as well as providing the experienced paddler with a series of high performance and competitive races and trainings. We look forward to providing board storage options along with club membership in the future.

Please check out our rentals and races, email any questions you may have and let us help you get yourself out there on the ocean.


Kurt Fry


Kurt is a former high-tech sales executive and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Oceans Prone Paddle and President of South Bay United Water Polo Club (501c3). Kurt started paddling back in 2016. Encouraged by his paddling friends and love of the ocean he immersed himself in the sport. Competing in multiple races such as;

• Catalina Classic (2)
• Molokai to Oahu Championship (1) third place finisher in 100+ team relay in 2018
• Rock 2 Rock (2) second place finisher in Co-Ed stock relay
• Jay Race (1) third place finisher in mens 14’ 50+ division
• Malibu Downwinder (3) and Others.

He soon realized that prone paddling was an incredible sport that should be enjoyed by all who want to experience the ocean. With the support of legends such as Joe Bark, DJ O’Brien, Lachie Lansdown, Scott Rusher, Tom Horton and others, Oceans Prone was created.

Kurt is the father of two boys. His passions include paddling, water polo, surfing, start up businesses and wine tasting.


DJ O’Brien

Marketing, Mermaid, Coach

DJ is a Pediatric Physical Therapist who is passionate about the ocean and aquatic therapy. She is the Founder and President of the South Bay Mermaids women’s paddleboard club. DJ started her paddling career in 2000 and since then she has competed yearly in numerous races including;

• Rock to Rock (10) finishing first in at least half of them
• Catalina Classic (11) first place finisher in 2015 and 2018
• Molokai to Oahu Championships (4) twice as a team and twice solo, placing 3rd in 2017
• Represented the USA at the ISA World Paddling championship in 2017. USA placing 5th overall.

DJ is the mother of two daughters. Her interests include, paddling, yoga, free diving, surfing, hiking, skiing and water polo. Her goal is to inspire women to get out on the ocean, paddleboard and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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